The UltraSound Therapy combined with herbal therapy, heals the organs and muscle spasms. This healing is achieved by the increase of the sanguine irrigation and in the dilation of the lymphatic lines, this improves the cellular metabolism. It acts against the cellulite, general fibrosis processes (post plastic surgeries), produces analgesic effect, muscular relaxation, and minimizes retractile scars and keloids.

A wand is massaged over the treated area releasing deep, soothing heat and ultrasonic waves. It helps for a quicker healing, less post-operative discomfort, and smoother results by the 7th or 10th treatment. This will help expedite the healing process of any excess bruising and swelling.

The treatment consist of 30 minutes of heat therapy which helps relax your muscles, and 30 to 45 minutes of ultrasound with lymphatic massage. The timing depends on the areas that have liposuction.


Benefits of the ultrasound:

*Reducing post-operative swelling

*Help in the healing of sprains and strains

*Decongesting sinuses

*Reduction of excessive water

*Improving sleep

*Improving arthritis