You have decided to do a cosmetic surgery, but don’t know what to do to prepare your body for it.

We have an example for you, with one patient. We started from day zero.

We will call the patient Project A.

First of all, a customized girdle. Why? The girdle helps you to lose weight slowly, by being tight enough so you feel full after each meal. You need to wear it EVERYDAY ALL DAY, they are comfortable to wear, it absorbs your sweat since it is covered with cotton lycra inside. These girdles have adjustments too, every time the girdle gets big (which means you are losing inches), TM Custom Girdles does the adjustments on them. Visit our webpage for a right girdle

Obtain the custom girdle/faja at least one or two months prior your surgery. It will give you time to loose some pounds off.












Second of all, we provide cleansing herbal teas to clean up the liver, stomach and the colon system which helps to clean up the visceral fat, in order to lose the fat quicker and make the metabolism faster.

Third, we offer weight loss massages, please check out WEIGHT LOSS TREATMENT. We also offer a healthy diet that goes with the massages.



After explaining all these steps, here is our PROJECT A


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Starting date September 16th 2014

Age: 50

Weight: 190 lbs.

Waist: 34 inches/ 86 cms

Contour: 33 inches/ 83 cms

Hips: 42.5 inches/ 108 cms

Project A has a lot of healthy issues: swollen feet, high blood pressure, diverticulitis. Has had several surgeries: gall bladder removal, hysterectomy, ovaries removal, appendix removal, lifted bladder with net, and one pregnancy.

She needed to have a tummy tuck very badly because her belly was hanging after all the surgeries she went through.

She came to me for consult, I gave her the custom girdle and weight loss treatments with herbal therapy to lose the visceral fat. The plastic surgeon doctor told her that she needs to lose 15 to 20 pounds first before doing any surgery on her. Her first consultation with Dr. Jonathan Fisher was on September 1st 2014.

After two weeks, we started the process. she came 3 times a week for the massages, the cleansing teas and the diet. She end up doing a total of 40 weight loss massages. These procedures helped her to loosen up the fat, and prepared her body for a better healing.


AFTER ONE MONTH she’d lost 10 pounds, no more swollen feet. Her high blood pressure was getting better and she was sleeping through the night.

Here are her measurements:

October 23th 2014

Weight: 167 lbs

Waist: 33 inches/ 83 cms

Contour: 31.5 inches/ 80 cms

Hips: 41.5 inches/ 106 cms


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11 OCT 2014 (6)

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November 24th 2014

She lost 25 lbs. Her back fat 80% less, belly fat 70% less and her cellulites are leaving, her gluteus are more lifted.

When she went to do her blood exam for the surgery, the test came out completely healthy. Dr. Fisher was amazed that she was doing so good and was ready for her tummy tuck. I received a lot of compliments from Dr. Fisher for such a wonderful job I did on her. Originally the Dr. was planning on doing a 350 degree tummy tuck, but since he saw her loosing weight, he changed his mind and opted for a normal tummy tuck.


Weight: 165 lbs

Waist: 30 inches/ 76 cms

Contour: 31.5 inches/ 80 cms

Hips: 41 inches/ 105 cms


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