Ear Candle


Ear Candling/Ear Coning is a safe, gentle method of cleansing the ear canal by means of inserting a hollow “candle”. The process can remove excessive ear wax, excess fluid (alleviating the pain and pressure resulting from sinus and allergy problems), has been known to reduce the noise from Tinnitus, can remove the debris and blockage from old infections, and much more.


How does ear-candling work?

Candles are made of strips of fabric that are shaped into a cone. They are then dipped in paraffin or beeswax to hold the candle shape. The tapered end is gently inserted into the ear canal and the wide end is ignited. The warmth of the candle creates a gentle vacuum, which in turn softens the wax and begins pulling wax and other toxic material out of the ear and into the candle. The practitioner will cut open the candles to examine the contents and determine the number of candles to be used.


Who can benefit from Ear Candling?

Ear Candling may benefit all ages, from children to the elderly.


How long does it take?

Each candle takes approximately 15 minutes to burn. Young children generally do well with ½ to 1 candle per ear, their session lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Adults generally take no more then 2 candles per ear so the average session lasts about 1 ½ hour. In the case where there is excessive debris, the practitioner may elect to use a 3rd candle, providing the client isn’t feeling any irritation or if the ear canal appears unduly red. If this occurs the process can be repeated within two weeks.


Who should not be candled?

Anyone with tubes in their ears or has had a recent surgery on their ears, nose, throat or sinuses should not be candles. Also, anyone who is apprehensive after hearing the process should not be candled.


What to expect during and after ear candling

During the ear candling process you will feel a candle being lightly inserted into the ear and after it is lit you may feel a warm sensation in the ear. You should hear some crackling sounds coming from the candle as it burns down. Just relax and enjoy the soothing process being done.

If you have a hearing loss or a candida infection in your ears, you may feel a little heat toward the end of the candle that may be quite soothing to you. If at any time you feel frightened or uncomfortable in any way, the candling process will end and continue when you feel it is appropriate. You could find that your hearing is much more acute and has improved if a blockage of wax has been removed. Your ear could feel airy and opened to sounds, tones and an overall since of freshness.

After being candled you may feel a sense of warmth or itching in the ear. The Candler can relieve this by putting some ear oil in the ear or a special ear cream applied to the outer part of the ear. The ear oil contains garlic, eucalyptus, tea tree, olive and mullein oils.

You may find your sinuses are draining or the drainage has increased afterward, which may relieve pressure and help clean out any materials in your sinus area.

How often can a person be candled?

An individual can have their ears cleaned with the change of seasons or “as needed” due to allergies, swimmer’s ear, etc. Most clients will intuitively know when they feel “clogged” or experience sinus pressure. Also, clients with hearing devises may need candling more frequently due to their ear canal being blocked.


What comes out of the candle?

You will be able to see the wax, which is yellow to yellow brown in color. There will also be a powdery residue from the candle. Approximately 10% is candle residue. Laboratory analysis has shown that residue removed from the ear consisted of earwax, residuals from past infections, fungus, bacteria, yeast/candida, ear mites, worms, parasites and/or hair.

Twice a year we all have our teeth cleaned to keep our mouths healthy. Why not keep our ears healthy with an Ear Candling session? Use your own judgment as to how often you need or want to have an Ear Candling session.


$70 for two rounds