Thermal therapy, Bio-tech, Pressure wrap and vacuum therapy are designed to remove, liquefy and eliminate the fat out of the body. Detoxification is attained through lymphatic drainage.

Full body per session :$120

Package of 10 massages: $1080

Package of 15 massages: $1530

Package of 20 massages: $1920

Your treatments are 3 times a week, we will take pictures before and after, we will take measurements and your weight every week.

With these treatments you need herbal teas to help detox your body, we also offer a 3 day diet to do for a month. We are here to help you to reach your ideal weight and size, but you also need to commit yourself to reach your goal.

Teas: Boldo and Sen are $8 per box, contains 20 teabags.


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