The Ultrasound therapy combined with herbal therapy heals the organs and muscle spasms. This healing is achieved by the increase of the sanguine irrigation and in the dilation of the lymphatic lines, this improves the cellular metabolism. It acts against the cellulite, general fibrosis processes, produces analgesic effect, muscular relaxation and minimizes retractile scars and keloids.

After having plastic surgery, or any type of surgery, We recommend the patient to come in for healing treatments right away, the sooner you have the treatments the quicker you heal.

We suggest the patient to have at least 7 to 10 treatments back to back, this is to prevent scar tissue/fibrosis. The bruises, the pain, the water retention will go away faster, your skin will start to attach back to your  muscle. Your recuperation time will shorten by 2 months, so instead of 3 months of pain, you will be totally heal after 15 days! Of course you will be still sore, is totally normal, let your own body heal and take its course/process of healing, but we will help you in the meantime!

We will give some tips/advice to do at home for faster healing. For example, eat papaya, drink pineapple water, drink calendula tea… all these tips are given while one of our licensed therapist gives your treatment.

DO NOT be afraid when you hear that you need massages after surgery, these massages are called HEALING TREATMENTS/PROCEDURES. Our therapists will never do hard pressure on you. They understand the pain you are going through, so we want you to feel at ease.

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Ultrasound & Herbal therapy with Lymphatic Drainage

BELLY  $65

BACK  $65



LEGS  $65

ARMS  $55


FACE  $55





10 Treatments  $585

15 Treatments  $828




10 Treatments  $760

15 Treatments  $1080



10 Treatments  $890

15 Treatments  $1250

20 Treatments  $1584