The best thing you can use is vitamin E oil, you can apply it after the 3rd week of surgery, massage the scar every morning and night and after a few months the scaring will almost vanished. You can also use Aloe Vera, Olive oil, Coconut oil and/or Almond oil. All these natural oils help for scar reducing and prevent stretch marks form the tummy tuck.


There are several causes for an open wound or burn on any cosmetic surgery, I can explain several of them because I have seen them and treated them on my patients.

1. Poor circulation

2. Infection/ bacteria

3. Diabetes

4. Wrong Girdles

These are a few and most common causes.


What do we do in these cases?

With the help of our herbal therapy and holistic help and major effort we let the skin cells reproduce again and the wound starts to close up without letting the skin get a bad scar. The scar gets small and soft, you can use the oils mention above and with time the scar will be so small no one will notice it!


Here is an example of a patient that had an open wound after a tummy tuck. You can see the process and time it took for it to heal.

First picture is on August 5th 2014

Second pic on August 12th 2014

Third pic on August 16th 2014

Last pic on January 5th 2015


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