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Her surgery went very good, Dr. Fisher was very proud and happy for her.

I highly recommend Dr. Fisher for the tummy tucks and breasts, he is one of the best doctors we are working with!

I started right away the healing therapy on project A. As you know already our procedures, herbal therapy and ultrasound with lymphatic drainage massage, (please check all the info on our previous post under post-surgery healing therapy).

I had her on the first stage girdle which is made out ONLY of cotton lycra, is soft on the body but has enough pressure for the first days of the surgery, it helps with back pain and inflammation.







Her measurements after 18 days

Weight: 158 lbs

Waist: 32 inches/ 82 cms

Contour: 32.5 inches/ 83 cms

Hips: 39.5 inches/ 100 cms

Total of 31 lbs lost for now.


For the first 15 days, I did therapies, told her to follow a light diet:

  • Breakfast: papaya, calendula tea mixed with chamomile, crackers or toast.
  • Lunch: homemade chicken soup no condiments, very little or no salt at all. Calendula tea.
  • Dinner: Soup again with crackers and calendula tea
  • Drink pineapple water ALL DAY LONG
  • Do NOT drink milk, NO fried food, starches, fruits or vegetables that gives you gas, no coffee, no sugar
  • Give the body nutrients that are very light to digest, food that makes the body relax and heal up faster.

Walk every day, for short periods of time, this help to avoid blood clots and the lymphatic nodes to open up for a better drainage. Keeping up the legs prevents swollen feet.

After 15 days she started a moderate diet, including lentils, more vegetables, little meat, black coffee. She took off the bread and rice from her diet forever!

And 2nd stage girdle was on.


Pictures were taking day  by day.



12 DIC 2014 (4)

Dec 12th 2014

14 Dic 2014 (1)

Dec 14th 2014







15 Dic 2014 (5)

Dec 15th 2014

18 DIC 2014 (4)

Dec 18th 2014








22 DIC 2014 (5)

Dec 22nd 2014

30 DIC 2014 (6)

Dec 30th 2014

5 ENERO 2015 (2)

Jan 5th 2014











SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (4)

DEC 12TH 2014

SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (5)

DEC 14TH 2014

SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (7)

DEC 15TH 2014










SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (8)

DEC 18TH 2014

SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (9)

DEC 22ND 2014

SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (10)

DEC 30TH 2014








SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (6)

JAN 5TH 2015

SIDE 5 ENERO 2015 (3)

JAN 16TH 2015