Complete Weight Loss System

Full Body Packages

Thermal therapy, Bio-tech, Pressure wrap and vacuum therapy are designed to remove, liquefy and eliminate the fat out of the body. Detoxification is attained through lymphatic drainage. Full body per session :$120 Package of 10 massages: $1080 Package of 15 massages: Read More →

Pressure Therapy

Massaging, Exercising, Body-Slimmer and Figure-Shaping this product has designed to remove, liquefy and eliminate the fat out the body. A remote infrared ray is emitted to dissolve and detach the user’s deeply-ingrained fat. Detoxification is attained through lymph drainage. Read More →

Vacuum Therapy

Stimulate the sanguine irrigation, activating lymphatic drainage. It Increases the flexibility of the skin. Releases veined and lymphatic fluid Stimulates the dermis and the hypodermis Loosens muscular tension and on the cellulites problems. It is effective on: Corporal holding, Lifting Read More →


Electro stimulation is the application of currents, simulating the electric impulse that is sent from the nervous system to the muscle, which carries out contraction. It is used in: Muscular Reaffirmation Increase of the tone and elasticity of the skin Read More →